You don’t need to refrigerate ProKey during transport or storage, but you should eat it cold, it will be tastier.

Expiration date of Prokey soft drinks is a year since they are made. Its flavour evolves slightly over time but really does not spoil. As it does not contain proteins and fats (like milk kefir), is not much else to spoil on it.

Over time kefir microorganisms are going to a state known as latency. It means, they are alive but asleep. The longer the kefir bacteria stay on latency more difficult to show its probiotic power. However they maintain their prebiotic power. With time Prokey becomes more prebiotic and less probiotic. But it is still a healthy soda.

Definitely no. Sugar is the food for kefir cells. Sugar is used at the start of fermentation and when it has ended remaining unfermented sugar is minimal, not more than 0.5% over the total volume of water kefir drink.

You can make water kefir with another sweetener instead of sugar, like honey or agave, but then the kefir culture doesn’t grow very well and doesn’t consume all the sugars, resulting in sweet and with less probiotic power drink.

ProKey is a probiotic drink. It contains water, microorganisms and substances derived from their action and dissolved compounds from the lemon, dates and/or infusions we use in processing. So its digestion is very simple and its absorption fast.

In the case of milk kefir, the number of organisms per ml is much lower than water kefir, and it has lots of nutrients to absorb and digest (such as fats and proteins). Thus the milk kefir is a probiotic food, with less probiotic power than water kefir, but more nutritious capacity (more calories and macronutrients).

ProKey has been designed as a soft drink. Although it may be prescribed based on different clinical conditions it is something we don’t do. We recommend if you want to take Prokey as a health aid, be guided by a good health professional, a nutritionist if possible.

You can take as much Prokey as you want; it’s just a soda. But our recommendation is to not interfere with proper nutrition. Do not substitute meals with ProKey.

No, ProKey is nothing more than a soft drink that also has healthy properties. A high consumption or in sensitive people can cause flatulence result of the action of microorganisms it contains, but it will not go beyond.

Prokey is lactose free, no milk or dairy products are used. But Prokey can contain little ammounts of sorbitol and fructose proceeding from lemon and dates used in the fermentation. Altough life cultures can help you ddigesting these sugars, if your tolerance degree is very low do first a little try.

Yes, children can take as much water kefir as they like, especially ProKey, as it is free from little alcohol may appear in homemade kefirs. It is other fermented, food, as yogurt or sauerkraut are.

Yes, pregnant and lactating can take as much water kefir as they like, especially ProKey, as it is free from little alcohol may appear in homemade kefirs. It is other fermented, food, as yogurt or sauerkraut are.

Everyone can take water kefir, from infants to the elderly. Water kefir is just an isotonic drink with probiotic properties added. So we are gathering in a same drink the healthy properties of isotonic drinks (beats thirst, rehydrates) and yogurts (improves intestinal flora and enhances the immune system). But, unlike an isotonic beverage, water kefir doesn’t have significant amounts of sugar or sweeteners, and unlike a yogurt, no lactose or milk proteins.

You can take water kefir, ProKey, whenever desired. If taken as a simple soda the occasion would be the same like these; doing sports, along with food, mid-afternoon, sharing with friends … If we want to take water kefir as probiotic help we need to test when it helps more. Ideally it should be drink with digestion done, so it can reach the intestine as quickly as possible. The different times of the day we have a more or less empty stomach are when we wake up, mid-morning, mid-afternoon and before getting into bed. Taking water kefir and oberving us in these 4 moments we can see when we feel better using water kefir as a probiotic aid.

It is not a simple question to answer what water kefir tastes like. A well done kefir should have a slightly citrus flavor and although a low sugar content, sweetish. If the kefir is flavored with tea or fruit juice may be exactly the flavor of a conventional soda, orange, lemon, mango, melon, coconut, mint, … always sparkling and with a characteristic aroma from kefir’s fermentation. But poorly done, we can find products from very sweet to incredibly acids, almost like vinegar. Even a half fermentation water kefir can result in the taste of water itself but as messed with something sweet but not recognizable.

Overall water kefir has more probiotic power thanks to be composed mainly by lactic acid bacteria. In the case of Kombucha yeast predominate, and these species do not grow as well as bacteria. Water Kefir is a better probiotic product while kombucha is a great digestive aid.

Homemade water kefir has some alcohol, 0.5 to 2% from alcoholic fermentation fruit performing by some yeast present in kefir grains.

The culture we use to elaborate ProKey does not have yeast able to carry alcoholic fermentation. So ProKey is a drink without alcohol.

Certainly PROKEY can be used as a starter culture to try to ferment water kefir at home. But its composition is different than an ideal microbial starter culture, so the resulting drink won’t be PROKEY and may even be disgusting. To make water kefir is necessary to start from a starter culture and not from a drink already done.

Yes it has small amounts. But we must go further, many problems caused by histamine in foods are due to intestinal dysbiosis (poor condition of the intestine), and kefir and probiotics in general can help with these situations.

Candida is a genus of yeasts present in water kefir culture. Candida genus is composed by a lot of species, like the known pathogenic Candida albicans or others as Candida boidinii or Candida membranaefaciens, both present in table olives. So do not worry about if water kefir contains the potentially pathogenic Candida albicans. Water kefir also helps to regulate intestinal flora, which can be beneficial in case of suffering from candida.