14 de January de 2016


Mission, vision and values

ProKey Drinks, S.L. has been created by a doctor in biochemistry and professor of nutrition and dietetics and a MBA and management expert on industrial environments (Meet ProKey’s team). The quality of the product and the nutritional and health benefits for the consumer are our main focuses.

In ProKey Drinks, S.L. we have created ProKey drink during 2015. ProKey is not anymore than the traditional water kefir into an industrial scale maintaining its properties and flavour. We offer it to consumers as a healthy alternative to traditional soft drinks and sodas. As explained in elaboration, it contains microorganisms with numerous beneficial effects for our health, improves intestinal flora, strengthens the immune system, lowers cholesterol, etc.

The company was born from the idea of producing water kefir on large-scale. We are located in Tarragona, where we have developed prokey, our line of soft drinks and where we produce for domestic market.


To be a healthy alternative to soft drinks and juices. A brand known in all Europe. And therefore to be present in major supermarket chains.


To be the most recognisable healthy drink.



All the ingredients of Prokey are organic certified; the label information is real and doesn’t contain false advertising


Our product is always ensured to be in excellent condition and therefore arrives to the customers with premium quality guaranteed. Production is made according to organic certification criteria.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The process and the waste are treated in a sustainable way. 1% of Prokey’s profit is sent to NGO or social causes.