16 units of Prokey MINT&GINGER, water kefir organic drink

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Prokey MINT&GINGER, 500 ml, 16 units box, (2,75€ unit).

It is made dissolving in water: cane sugar*, date syrup*, lemon juice concentrate*, natural lemon flavor, an infusion of mint* and ginger* roots and probiotic cultures that consume the sugars to grow (strains of the genera Lactococcus, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium). *ingredients from organic farming. Lightly carbonated (naturally produced during elaboration). Sugar is kefir’s food, disappears while it grows and in the final drink is under 2%. Living beverage, it is not pasteurized: it contains 100 million CFU (1×108) per ml of soda at the time of bottling.


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