9 de August de 2018

Cold Brew Kombucha

What is kombucha and what is it for? Kombucha is a fermented probiotic drink obtained from sweetened tea fermented by Medusomyces gisevi (a colony of microorganisms, bacteria and yeasts, which coexist symbiotically) with incredible properties. It is usually round because it is common to let it ferment in round glass jars. Many people say that kombucha has a slightly acid taste (it depends on how you produce it). Our kombucha does not become acidic or has other problems thanks to the research we have done and the technological and industrial development.

“The elaboration process can be somewhat laborious that’s why we created this drink, so you can take it easily without going through that hard preparation.”

kefir de agua y kombucha prokey

Cold Brew Kombucha


How do we prepare kombucha?

Prokey’s Cold brew Kombucha Earl Grey is our first fermented tea. It is made cold brewing black tea leaves aromatized with bergamot oil (Earl Grey tea variety). Sugar and probiotic cultures are added to the resulting tea.

INGREDIENTS: water, sugar*, earl grey tea leaves* and probiotic cultures. *ingredients from organic farming. Lightly carbonated (naturally produced during elaboration)

Lightly carbonated (naturally produced during elaboration).

Why does it has sugar?

Sugar is kefir’s food, disappears while it grows and in the final drink is under 2%. One bottle of 500ml has less tan 40kcl.

Living beverage, it is not pasteurized: it contains 100 million CFU (1×108) per ml of soda at the time of bottling.

You can read in our label the nutritional facts of this drink:

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