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  • less than 8 kcal

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Prokey's Cold Brew Kombucha

A new tea brewing technique


Probiotic drinks properties

Kefir and kombucha, unique drinks
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Probiotic food contains living bacteria in its composition that are able to colonise our gut and develope positive actions for us.

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Low in sugar and calories

Prokey has few than 2% of sugar in its composition, a minimum necessary to mantain probiotic bacteria alive. 500ml bottle has few than 40 kilocalories.

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Rehydrates and provides minerals

Prokey is tasty and refreshing. Its ideal for a hot day or after sports. Calms your thirst and leaves a pleasant sensation in mouth.

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Gut health

Daily probiotic use enhance digestions, improves intestinal flora composition and balances inmune system response.

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Organic and healthy

Health with every swallow
Made with organic certified ingredients

Prokey son refrescos de kéfir y kombucha elaborados con cultivos probióticos. El resultado son bebidas bajas en calorías y azúcar deliciosas y saludables. Prokey une las características de una isotónica y de un yogurt con bífidus sin los làcteos o azúcares y edulcorantes que tienen el yogurt o las isotónicas. Los refrescos Prokey son certificados ecológicos.

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