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What flavors are the chosen ones?

Benefits and Problems

Why is Prokey beneficial to your health?

Resting Well

You do not rest well at nights (or also suffering from insomnia) and the next day you have no energy.


You are not eating what you should and when you do it, many foods make you feel bad.


You feel that you do not recover well after training and you are not 100%.

Poor Digestions

As days passes you are noticing that something is not right with your intestinal transit and your digestions are poorer than before.

Muscle Pains

You suffer from chronic problems such as rheumatism or arthritis, and medications do not have the expected effect.

Weak Inmune System

You frequently suffer infections of urine, kidney and inflammation of internal organs

Prokey users

What do they say about our drinks

Montse Reus, dietista especialista en enfermedades autoinmunes

Adolfo Madrid, preparador físico de jugadores profesionales de futbol

Ibai Gómez, jugador del Deportivo Alavés

Javier Beirán, jugador del Iberostar Tenerife y de la seclección Española de Baloncesto

When do people drink Prokey?


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